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I have loved bulldogs ever since being gifted with my first in the 1960s, and I take great pride in breeding champion-quality English bulldogs today. As an experienced and knowledgeable English bulldog breeder in Oklahoma, my fondness for the breed has grown stronger with each litter, and I stand behind the quality of every one of our English bulldog puppies for sale. Regardless of whether you are interested in the dog show world or simply want to add a new, loveable addition to your family, I’m confident you will find the right fit at Cedar Lane Bulldogs.

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Cedar Lane English Bulldog

Once you bring a puppy home from a reputable English bulldog breeder in Oklahoma, you will quickly see why they are considered to be one of the most popular breeds in the world. English bulldogs are very calm and friendly dogs, making them ideal for family homes with children. What’s even more, the English bulldogs bred through Cedar Lane Bulldogs uphold the standards for the official breed. I pay particular attention to maintaining their attractive appearance and stature as a hall of fame breeder. All of my English bulldog puppies for sale in Oklahoma have excellent bloodlines and come from a great breeding program.

Cedar Lane Bulldogs – My Story

Long before I became an English bulldog breeder in Oklahoma, my interest in bulldogs started in 1965 when my father-in-law gave us our first bulldog. We eventually bred her, and she became a mother of nine bulldog puppies. From that point on, I began to show and breed my bulldogs over the span of 12 years. In 1979, I went to work for General Motors, and between working, raising kids, and putting them through school, I decided that placing my bulldogs into good, loving homes was the best option for them.

English Bulldog Breeder

When all of my children finished college in 1988, I purchased several bitch puppies from excellent bloodlines and built a very nice kennel. I truly believe that the bitch is the backbone of a great breeding program, and since 1990, I have proudly finished ten homebred champions to become a Hall of Fame Breeder. I also received my AKC judging license in 1998 to be able to judge this wonderful breed, and have since established myself as the leader in breeding English bulldog puppies for sale in Oklahoma.

I would also like to recognize the time and effort that my partner in California, Joyce Wolfe, has put into showing and finishing several of the dogs we bred together. This has been a large contributing factor to me being able to achieve the Hall of Fame Breeder status. Additionally, Joyce was responsible for helping me obtain three outstanding stud dogs, furthering my efforts as a champion-quality English bulldog breeder in Oklahoma.