Here are Some Grooming Tips for Your English Bulldog

English Bulldog Puppy laying on chair

Every dog has different grooming needs, and it’s extremely important for those needs to be met. Bulldogs are gentle and loving dogs that need some grooming on a regular basis for them to stay happy and healthy.

Here are some helpful tips to make it easier for when it comes to grooming your bulldog:

Bathing Your Bulldog

The wrinkles on your Bulldog can be a home for bacteria to grow, which means bathing has to be thorough. You do not need to bathe your Bulldog every day. It’s recommended to bathe your dog every now and then when they’re visibly dirty, or they smell. You should check their wrinkles every week just to be sure there’s no build-up.

Brushing Your Bulldog’s Coat

It’s important to brush your Bulldog on a daily basis to prevent matting and lumping fur. Bulldogs have sensitive skin, so you should be gentle when brushing their short-haired coat. They can lose a good amount of their hair when brushing them, so you may want to take them outside. A soft-bristled brush is recommended instead of a hard metal brush. The benefit of having a Bulldog is that they don’t require their hair to be cut too often.

Trimming Nails and Brushing Teeth

Bulldogs need proper hygiene just like the rest of the family members in your home. When your Bulldog’s nails grow long, they can be susceptible to breakage and bone and joint injuries in the future. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming your Bulldog’s nails, you’re encouraged to take them to a professional groomer.

Brushing your dog’s teeth often is vital to their health and hygiene. At least three times per week you should be cleaning their teeth to prevent periodontal diseases. Along with brushing, it’s important to give your dog crunchy treats to strengthen their gums and teeth. Never use human toothpaste! It can be dangerous, so we recommend investing in dog toothpaste.

Caring for your Bulldog is immensely important, and it will benefit your dog’s health in the long run. Bulldog’s are incredibly loving and friendly, especially when you have them as one of the family members. If you’re looking to learn more about Bulldog’s and potentially owning one, contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today!




How to Treat Tear Stains in English Bulldogs

Bulldog Face

Although English Bulldogs typically don’t require much in the way of grooming, dogs with light coloring will sometimes develop reddish-brown tear stains in the folds of skin on their faces. If they’re not cleaned and removed, these stains can cause irritation and discomfort for your dog.

Here’s how to treat tear stains in English Bulldogs:

First, determine the source of the tearing. Allergic reactions to dust, smoke, pollen, food additives and chemicals can cause tearing in Bulldogs. Some amount of tearing is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, but in some cases, a genetic condition can cause the eyelids to turn inward. This, in turn, can trigger excessive tear production when the eyelashes rub against the dog’s eye.

If this is the case, a minor surgical correction will solve the problem. Keep in mind, however, that it may reoccur as your dog’s head grows, particularly if he or she has a heavily wrinkled face. It’s important to have your vet monitor the condition, as it can cause eye ulcers and loss of sight if left untreated.

Allergies or Infections

Tearing due to allergies or minor infections can be prevented by cleaning the area of your English Bulldog’s eyes regularly, including the wrinkles. Apply some peroxide to a cloth and gently clean the area, but avoid getting it in your dog’s eyes. You can also use little bit of Desitin baby ointment to create a barrier between the tears and fur to prevent staining, but be careful to use only a small amount, as it can stain furniture and clothing.

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Exercising Your English Bulldog

English Bulldog Exercise

How much exercise does your English bulldog need? This is a question many new dog owners ask us. Let’s take a closer look.

Just like their human companions, English bulldogs need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. While many bulldogs are more inclined to relax on the couch than get out and move around, it’s important to establish exercise as a regular part of your pup’s routine.

They Need Specific Exercises Due to Their Build

Due to their short, stocky build, bulldogs are generally better suited to endurance workouts instead of short sprints. Your English bulldog may not want to pound the pavement with you on your next run, but there are plenty of other ways to get her exercise in. Aim for 20 to 30 minutes a day of low-impact exercise, such as walking, playing fetch, gentle wrestling or tug of war.

Many bulldogs enjoy walking for miles at a time, and you can even find the occasional bulldog in agility competitions!

Make sure your English bulldog is hydrated at all times when exercising, paying particular attention in hot or humid weather. If your dog is tired, avoid pushing her to overexert herself. Let her rest and then begin again.

Looking for an English bulldog to welcome into your home? Cedar Lane Bulldogs is among the most reputable English bulldog breeders in Oklahoma, with more than 40 years of breeding experience. Above all else, we always breed for health and conformation. To learn more, visit our FAQ page or give us a call at (405) 329-0066 today!

What to Do If Your English Bulldog Gets Car Sick

English Bulldog riding in car on road trip

Unfortunately, English Bulldogs can experience car sickness, especially on a long drive or road trip. This can be scary for the owner if you experience it for the first time. English Bulldogs are known to be energetic, yet relaxed dogs with loving and playful traits. When this happens, some owners can get a little anxious. There is no need to panic. English Bulldogs are actually prone to get car sick at times.

How Does this Happen?

The brachycephalic nature of some dogs tends to be the reason for the car sickness. They overheat easily, have trouble breathing, and can’t easily reach the window to get fresh air, all of which lead to more nausea and car sickness than some other dog breeds.

English Bulldogs, if taking car rides for the first time can sometimes get anxious and nervous about it. They can get too hot and overheated. Since they’re small dogs, it’s tough for them to reach the height of the window for a breather and fresh air. All of these things can heighten the possibility of them getting car sick. It’s very important to make sure they’re comfortable.

Signs of Car Sickness with Your English Bulldog:

  • Vomiting
  • Pacing back and forth
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Heavier panting and licking
  • More lethargic and inactive

How to Prevent Car Sickness with English Bulldogs

One of the best ways to prevent them from getting car sick on long car rides is to train them. You have to ease them into being comfortable with car rides, so it’s important to start them off with very short rides more frequently. This is the first step. Make sure to not feed them before a long trip because a full stomach will increase their nausea. However, do not limit them with water. They need drink as much as they want, so they can stay hydrated in the vehicle.

Other important preventative measures:

  • Bring a new dog toy on the trip for them
  • Bring something from home for the scent
  • Keep your car comfortable and cooler
  • Stop frequently for bathroom and short walk breaks

These are good ways to help prevent your English Bulldog from getting car sick on a long road trip. If you’re interested in learning more English Bulldog tips and tricks, or you’re looking to bring an English Bulldog puppy home, contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-550-4339 today or visit us online for more information!

Keep Your English Bulldog Out of the Hot Sun

As we look forward to the spring season and warmer weather with our English Bulldogs, it’s important to remember to keep them healthy. When your English Bulldog is out in the hot weather and sun for too long, this can be very dangerous for their health and well-being.

When the weather gets warmer, and the hot sun is shining down, here are some tips on how to keep your English Bulldog cool:

Don’t Let Them Outside in the Heat for Too Long

English Bulldogs have dense and heavy bodies with small noses. They can adapt breathing problems when they’re out in the sun and hot weather for too long. If the weather starts to get much hotter, especially when the summer season begins, keep an eye out for how long your dog is outside for. Let them out to go to the bathroom and walk around for a bit, then bring them back in to the cool house.

Keep Them Cool and Comfortable

It’s crucial to keep your English bulldog cool during the summer months.

  • Keep Your Bulldog Well-Hydrated
  • Avoid Long Periods of time in extreme heat
  • Do not over-exhaust them with exercise outdoors
  • Cool down in controlled temperatures indoors
  • Use fans and misters to cool down

On days that are hot, especially in the summer here in Georgia, continue to exercise your English Bulldog, but do it indoors. You can still get the proper exercise in when you play with them inside the house. You have the ability to control the temperature inside. Outside, the heat sometimes can be too much for your English bulldog.

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Tips on Leaving Your English Bulldog at Daycare

English Bulldog on couch

It’s difficult being a dog owner with an extremely busy schedule. The most important thing you can do is to not ignore your English Bulldog. If you’re having an overly busy day, you may need to think about researching trustworthy and reputable doggy daycare centers. We understand it could be a difficult decision to leave your English Bulldog behind, but sometimes it is the right choice.

Here are some tips on choosing the proper doggy daycare for your English Bulldog:

Make Sure You Understand Your Dog’s Behavior

Not every dog will be comfortable being placed into a daycare for some hours of the day. This is why you have to understand your bulldog’s behavior. You have to make sure your dog is comfortable being around other dogs and people when you’re not around. It’s also beneficial for you to make sure that your dog does not develop anxiety without you around. This could cause problems with your dog and other dogs’ safety.

Do Your Research, and Make the Best Decision

When deciding on the right daycare to bring your bulldog to, it’s essential that you conduct plenty of research before choosing. One of the best things you can do is find someone close to you or someone you trust that can vouch for a specific doggy daycare.

If you’re still hesitant on bringing your English Bulldog to a doggy daycare for a day or two, then it may be a better option for you and your dog to have a trusted friend or family member watch your bulldog while you’re gone.

At Cedar Lane Bulldogs, we take pride in our English Bulldogs, and we want to make sure that we deliver the best English Bulldog to you and your family. If you’re looking for your next addition to your family, Contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-550-4339 today or visit us online for more information!  



Best Things to Do with Your Bulldog this Winter

As winter slowly approaches, it’s time to start thinking of ways to stay active and busy, especially if you have an English Bulldog. Many dog owners who have English Bulldogs don’t think this is necessary because they are smaller dogs that are able to lay around with you during the colder months. Every dog needs a healthy amount of exercise and physical activity year-round, but it does get a little difficult to manage during the colder months of winter.

Oklahoma has different temperatures in the North and South. It gets pretty cold in the North, but in the South, it stays pretty mild. It’s still a good thought to stay cautious of the colder temperatures.

Here are some tips to keep you and your dog busy this winter season:

Training for Tricks

One thing you can do and that is perfect for the colder months is to train your dog to learn new tricks. This is a great way to kill time without being outside in the cold. They will stay active with their body and learn new tricks and discipline, so they can show them off once summer comes around.

Shorter Walks in the Morning & Night

You’ll still have to take your English Bulldog for walks each day because they need their exercise, but they don’t have to be long walks like in the warmer months. Take them out to a park to walk around for a little while, and then drive home. If you usually take your dog around the block of your neighborhood for a walk, make sure to switch it up and go for a drive to some place.

More Dog Toys

This is the time of the year where you should be going to get new toys. It’s understandable that your English Bulldog has probably torn through all of their toys from the summer months, so they definitely need new ones for the winter season.

At Cedar Lane Bulldogs, we provide families with the best English Bulldogs around to bring home as a new member of the family. We take pride in our English Bulldogs, and we treat them as family before we let them be taken home to you. If you’re looking for a warm and loving English Bulldog to bring home this Fall and Winter, contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-550-4339 today or visit us online for more information!


How to Get the Energy Out of an English Bulldog

puppies in basket

Bulldog puppies can be very hyperactive. They tend to have a lot of energy when they’re puppies to a few years of age. Of course, many dogs are like this, it can be frustrating for a dog owner to manage. You do have to cater to their needs of course, so it’s important to make sure you’re training them well and taking care of them for this purpose.

Long Walks and Playtime

Taking your bulldog on long walks and giving them playtime with other dogs will get their energy out when they’re young. It won’t stop after that, but they’ll stay healthy and active for years to come. This not only benefits you for when you want to relax at night, but it also benefits your bulldog’s mental and physical health. Providing them with healthy playtime opportunities will pay off down the road.

Occupy Them with Dog Chew Toys After Playtime

After getting their exercise in, give them a dog chew toy to occupy their time with after. This may tire them out a little bit, so they’re not still full of energy right after a walk or running around.

Giving Them Treats After Playtime

After expending a good amount of their energy on a long walk to playing with other dogs at a dog park, you’ll want to reward them with a treat. This will also occupy their time and focus. They won’t get bored right away and start bothering you to play with them.

Bulldog Energy is a Healthy Sign

Ultimately, this is a good sign for your Bulldog. They’re in their puppy phase and they have so much energy. Don’t try and force them to calm down. Make sure you’re taking them on long walks daily and getting them out socializing with other dogs and people at a dog park. This will exhaust their energy, and they’ll be able to settle down later on in the day.

At Cedar Lane Bulldogs, we provide families and individuals with English Bulldog puppies. If you’re looking to bring home the absolute best dog around, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today or visit us online for more information!

Traveling Tips for Your English Bulldog

Taking road trips in the car to vacation is much needed right now. If you have an English Bulldog, and you’re looking to take them with on the trip, we can give you some tips on how to make the car ride much easier and comfortable for you and your dog.

Here are 4 tips on how to travel in the car with your English Bulldog:

Bring Chew Toys & Treats

Even if you were going on a road trip with a couple friends, you would bring some games and snacks to not get bored. With your English Bulldog, bringing treats and chew toys will help to occupy them for some time if it’s going to be a long drive with multiple stops along the way.

Bathroom Breaks and Stops

You need to make sure you’re planning for multiple bathroom breaks and stops along your road trip. Take the time to map out some places along your route where you can take your dog out to go to the bathroom and get a few minutes of walking time. This will help to move the trip along much smoother.

Bring Water & Don’t Feed Too Much

Some dogs can get car sick, so it’s important to feed them light meals and not give them too many treats during the trip. It’s never a fun time if you or your dog gets car sick. Bring water so they can have some on the ride, but don’t give them too much food or water if they do end up getting car sick.

Reward Them in the End

Sitting in a moving car for a road trip can get old after a while and uncomfortable. When you’re done with the long ride, it’s important to reward yourself and your dog for the ride. Make sure you let your English Bulldog know how good they are and give them a reward after the long drive.

English Bulldogs are great dogs to bring on a long drive. They are comfortable in smaller environments, so the car won’t be uncomfortable for them. Take the time this summer to drive around with your English Bulldog to get them used to the longer rides if you plan on taking a road trip.

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The Benefits of Socializing for Your Dog

English Bulldogs and puppies

When you bring home a dog to your family, you have to understand they won’t always be content with just hanging out with you and the family. It’s important to bring socialization into their lives with other dogs. Now, keep in mind, you’ll have to train your dog the proper way before they can be comfortable with other people and other dogs.

Here are some benefits of dog socialization:

Make Interactions Easier and Grooming Easier

When you give your puppy a chance to meet other dogs and humans, you’re giving them the opportunity to get comfortable around strangers. It’s never a good thing to keep your dog isolated at home because if you do end up in a socialization situation, they may react distant or uncomfortable. This may give them anxiety and nervousness.

Grooming is essential for a dog’s health, which means you’ll have to schedule professional dog grooming sessions regularly. If you train them and get them into socialization early on, bringing them to the dog groomer will become much easier for the future.

Playtime & Exercise

Bringing your dog to the dog park or dog bars allows them to meet other people and dogs. This also is an opportunity to get them to go out and play with other dogs, get needed exercise, and get them into a different environment for a change.

Socialization Eliminates Stress & Anxiety

Giving your English Bulldog the chance to socialize will ultimately eliminate stress and anxiety in their lives. They will feel more confident and comfortable around other people and dogs. Just like humans, someone or some dog who is not sociable usually has more stress and anxiety in their lives.

Makes Both of Your Lives Easier

Many people who get dogs decide that they won’t be having a social life as much anymore because they can’t leave their dog home alone too much. With English Bulldogs, they’re pretty tame when it comes to relaxing and not getting to anxious when you have to run out for a few hours. There is another way to satisfy both of you. Helping them early on with socialization will allow you to bring them places, travel and vacation, and be comfortable that they won’t run away.

At Cedar Lane Bulldogs, we provide English Bulldog puppies for sale for families and individuals in Oklahoma. English Bulldogs are amazing dogs to bring home to your family, and they tend to be very friendly, loving, and sociable dogs. Contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today or visit us online for more information!