How to Get the Energy Out of an English Bulldog

puppies in basket

Bulldog puppies can be very hyperactive. They tend to have a lot of energy when they’re puppies to a few years of age. Of course, many dogs are like this, it can be frustrating for a dog owner to manage. You do have to cater to their needs of course, so it’s important to make sure you’re training them well and taking care of them for this purpose.

Long Walks and Playtime

Taking your bulldog on long walks and giving them playtime with other dogs will get their energy out when they’re young. It won’t stop after that, but they’ll stay healthy and active for years to come. This not only benefits you for when you want to relax at night, but it also benefits your bulldog’s mental and physical health. Providing them with healthy playtime opportunities will pay off down the road.

Occupy Them with Dog Chew Toys After Playtime

After getting their exercise in, give them a dog chew toy to occupy their time with after. This may tire them out a little bit, so they’re not still full of energy right after a walk or running around.

Giving Them Treats After Playtime

After expending a good amount of their energy on a long walk to playing with other dogs at a dog park, you’ll want to reward them with a treat. This will also occupy their time and focus. They won’t get bored right away and start bothering you to play with them.

Bulldog Energy is a Healthy Sign

Ultimately, this is a good sign for your Bulldog. They’re in their puppy phase and they have so much energy. Don’t try and force them to calm down. Make sure you’re taking them on long walks daily and getting them out socializing with other dogs and people at a dog park. This will exhaust their energy, and they’ll be able to settle down later on in the day.

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