Colorbred English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

What Is The Story With Colorbred English Bulldogs Or The Non-Traditional Colors That Are So Common Now In Bulldogs?


A few years ago, newly created DNA technology was used to explore what unusual colors could be expressed through specialized breeding.

Off-colored dogs were selected for this “project”.  The marketing strategy then focused on the key words “rare” and “exotic’.  Extraordinary prices were then attached to these dogs and the “race was on” so to speak. 

Unsuspecting buyers, glamorized with these terms were more than eager to spend amazing amounts of money for these new “hot ticket items”.  

What Has Colorbred English Bulldogs Done For The Breed?

Unfortunately, as one might easily conclude, with the sole focus on color and not health, temperament or general quality, these off-colored dogs were often born with terrible health and temperament issues. 

To create the next “new thing”, cross breeding was done. This is how the merle color and other off colors were introduced.

Now we are seeing truly bizarre combinations, all with the intent of making money. The dogs don’t really matter to these breeders, and often the buyers are left heartbroken with really sub-par quality dogs. 

The breed is paying the price.  With the instant sky rocketing popularity, many very unqualified people started breeding purely for profit. 

Our Bulldog rescues are now over-run with the results of this Frankenstein-like experiment.  People got rich and many dogs and owners suffered. 

There are definite signs that this strange chapter in Bulldog history might be coming to an end. One rescue recently accepted two 8-week old litters of “merle” colored Bulldogs due to lack of interest. 

In this economy, high dollar dogs with gimmicks as their only selling point likely won’t  be a long lasting phenomenon.

We can only hope the original traditional well-bred Bulldog as a breed can weather this damage.