Should I Let My Bulldog Sit on Furniture?

Bulldog sitting on floor

When someone gets a new dog, the big question everyone asks themselves is whether or not they should let them lay or sit on the furniture in the house. This usually is pretty much the owner’s decision because there isn’t a wrong answer. Some dog owners prefer not to have their dog on the furniture due to shedding, but others don’t mind having the dog make themselves comfortable even if they have to clean up more frequently.

The Benefits of Having an English Bulldog

If you’re contemplating the idea of allowing your English Bulldog to claim the couch or other furniture, it’s good to know that they don’t shed that much. If you’re concerned about getting the furniture all dirty and scuffed up, you may not have to worry as much with English Bulldogs.

Setting Some Furniture Boundaries

There is also another way you can allow your English Bulldog on the furniture. Setting up designated spots for your English Bulldog is a great way to loosen up on your rules, as well as allow them to be comfortable on a piece of furniture. Set up a comfy chair for your Bulldog to enjoy while you’re lounging on the couch. Even if they do shed a little, you’ll only have to clean that one chair.

Train Your English Bulldog

Training your English Bulldog with certain commands to claim their chair or stay off the other furniture is a very important aspect to getting a dog. If you’re worried about this situation or habit coming up with sitting on furniture, simple commands may help them understand what’s theirs and what is yours.

English Bulldogs are some of the most obedient and loyal dogs on the planet. We have no doubt you’ll be able to train them easily without any fuss. If you’re looking for the perfect dog for your family, contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today or visit us online for more information!

Top 5 Benefits of English Bulldogs

English Bulldog laying on floor

If you have been looking around for the perfect dog for your family, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right breed or mix of dog. Many families resort to the popular Labradors or Golden Retrievers, but what about English Bulldogs? English Bulldogs are some of the most amazing family dogs you can have, and here is why.

They Adapt Well to Home Environments

English Bulldogs have the ability to adapt to many home environments. Whether you live in a smaller apartment, or you own a home, an English Bulldog will make themselves at home. If you’re a new, inexperienced dog owner, an English Bulldog is the perfect puppy to take home. They are friendly and willing to adapt to new people.

Low Maintenance Dogs

English Bulldogs are relatively low maintenance dogs. They require minimal brushing due to their minimal shedding. They also require baths every now and then. You want to make sure you don’t bathe them too often, so you don’t cause any destruction to natural oils on their body. They can be high energy dogs, but they don’t require as much exercise as a larger dog would like a Labrador retriever does.

Friendly to Children and Playful

One of the best character traits of English Bulldogs is they are very loving and friendly to children. They love to play, and they are very gentle dogs. For new families, an English Bulldog can be a great addition to the family for your children to grow up with.

Reserved, Yet Social

English Bulldogs have good temperaments. They usually are laid back and reserved, and they rarely bark. They will only be aggressive or energetic if provoked. Unlike other dogs who can get riled up, English Bulldogs are quiet and peaceful dogs.

Loyal Dogs

They are one of the most loyal dog breeds you can find. They will not only be a great guard dog for you, but they will always stand by your side. They’re usually not aggressive, but they can be when they are provoked. For a family, they’re perfect.

If you’re looking for the perfect dog for your family, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today or visit us online for more information!



Why are English Bulldogs so Famous?

Bulldog puppy laying in grass

The English Bulldog is a very famous dog. From university mascots to British Royalty, these loveable creatures are known for being a high standard dog. Of course, there are many reasons for them being so loved around the world not only as pets, but for being companions as well.

Personality Traits You’ll Love

Their personality plays a role in the way people are drawn to them. They are very affectionate dogs who love to be by your side and fall for humans easily. Most dogs, when fed and given a loving home will be attached to your hip, but with English Bulldogs, there is a stronger bond. They adjust to their environment quickly and can make friends without any major problem.

With children, they’ll create a bond and a love, and they can tolerate nonsense that you give them, but they don’t deserve any nonsense from you regardless. They’re an incredible dog to have around.

Here are some traits you’ll appreciate:

  •  They are very loyal to their owners
  • They are affectionate and clumsy companions
  • They’re comfortable in small places
  • They are very cute
  • They are stoic creatures
  • They have a guard-dog mentality (protective)

Why Choose an English Bulldog?

Many families go back and forth and which dog to choose for their family. Some want bigger dogs, and some want smaller ones. The beauty of choosing an English Bulldog is that they give you a big dog personality in a small dog body. They give you love and affection that a larger dog would, but they come in a smaller size.

If you’re looking for the best dog to bring home to the family, maybe it’s time to think about the famous English Bulldog. At Cedar Lane Bulldogs, we breed the high standard English Bulldogs for you and your family. You’ll get to enjoy the most loveable addition to your family for a long time!

Contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today or visit us online for more information! 

How to Keep Your Bulldog’s Mouth Clean

English bulldog and dental health

Every dog owner knows that their dog can have some smelly breath at times. This is an issue that can be easily solved by some hygiene tasks you can help your dog out with. A bad breath that’s consistent with your English Bulldog can be a sign of a problem.

Prevent Dental Diseases

Like humans, dogs can be hit by diseases with their teeth as well, but it doesn’t mean you can’t prevent them from happening to your beloved English bulldog. There are certainly ways you can improve your bulldog’s dental hygiene and health for them to live a long life.

Here are some ways:

  • Brush Their Teeth Regularly – It’s important to choose the proper toothbrush for your dog and train them with each time you brush, so that the task gets easier as you go. Improving your dog’s health is the number one priority, and it may take some time getting used to, but brushing regularly can help prevent disease.
  • Make Sure They’re Eating Healthy – Dogs require certain foods for their health to be on point. Many owners get in a little bit of a habit of feeding them some few leftovers from their own dinner, which usually isn’t the healthiest thing for your bulldog. Make sure they’re eating the proper food.
  • Dog Bones Help! – Raw, meaty bones will help clean their teeth much better than any dog food you feed them. The raw meat contains natural enzymes that will break down plaque and remove it as well.
  • Always Check to See – Make sure you’re consistently checking to see if your bulldog is having any issues with their mouth including bleeding. Our dog’s teeth are important to keep healthy.

Cedar Lane Bulldogs

At Cedar Lane Bulldogs, we know how important it is to take care of our beloved English bulldogs, and that is why it’s also important for you to take care of their health. Cleaning their teeth regularly can ensure a healthier life without disease or other problems.

Contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today for more information on health and available bulldogs!

Keeping Your Bulldog Active During Quarantine

English Bulldog Outside in the Yard

It can be difficult for many dog owners to keep them active during the COVID-19 pandemic. As states around the country start to slowly open up specific businesses, we still have to be cautious of being social distant. Staying home and going out less may still be the norm for quite some time. Regarding your bulldog’s health and exercise, here are some tips to keeping them active during the quarantine.

Stick to the Status Quo

You never want to make drastic changes to your routine or schedule with your bulldog. Considering how the lockdown is going, there needs to be some adjustments, but the routine needs to stay the same. Walking your dog once a day down the road, taking them out to use the bathroom, and feeding them on their regular schedule is important to keep up with while quarantining during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What can I do to keep them occupied?

  • Learn New Tricks! (reinforce with treats)
  • Take Your dog for a drive
  • Groom Regularly
  • Go for Walks
  • Play tug of war
  • Learn to relax

While staying safe and social distancing, long walks and hikes will help keep you sane and your dog active. Now, with a bulldog, you don’t necessarily want to tire them out too much. A bulldog doesn’t need an excessive amount of exercise, so make sure to keep that in mind.

Cedar Lane Bulldogs

We know it can be difficult at this time to keep up with work while staying home, as well as taking care of your bulldog, but there are ways to keep up with your schedule. Bulldogs are amazing dogs to have around the home as company and another member of the family. It’s important to be able to have someone around during the quarantine. Contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today!



Interesting Facts About English Bulldogs

English Bulldog from Cedar Lane Bulldogs

English Bulldogs make amazing pets, especially for families and young professionals. They don’t require a big yard and a ton of space to roam. They live well in apartments and they are great with kids. They break Guinness World Records by skateboarding, and they take the Georgia Bulldogs mascot to the next level.

Here are some interesting facts about English Bulldogs you may not have known:

Bull Baiting

Originally, bulldogs were bread for bullfighting or bullbaiting. This was a blood sport that involved pitting a bull against another animal. In this case, it was the bulldog. The bulldog would harass the tethered bull and pounce on their nose when the time was right. This resulted in many deaths, and eventually the sport was banned in 1835.

Their aggressive behavior disappeared long ago after the sport was made illegal. Now, bulldogs are known for their loyal and lovable behavior among celebrities and families.

Famous in Different Ways

The University of Georgia’s official mascot is the bulldog hence the name Georgia Bulldogs. How did it start? In 1956, Sonny Seiler brought his bulldog to the Georgia home opener and after that, he was suggested to become the official mascot. Uga is the line of bulldogs that holds the mascot. When one dies, they are buried at a grave site near the football stadium.

Otto is a skateboarding bulldog famous for his Guinness World record after the former record holder Tillman passed away in 2015. Otto skateboarded through a tunnel of 30 people’s legs.

They Make for Great Pets

There are many reasons that English Bulldogs make for great pets. First, they are extremely loyal and lovable to their owners. They don’t mess around, and they just want some love and affection.

They are adaptable in living situations:

For families in homes with yards, they are extremely adaptable. They don’t need to have a large quantity of acres to roam because they are smaller and bulkier. They like to run, but they also get tired quickly. They love being around kids and adults. For young professionals living in apartments, they are perfect. They can curl up on a recliner and relax with you after a long day of work. They also don’t bark, which means they will be well-behaved if you live in a complex.

Cedar Lane Bulldogs

At Cedar Lane Bulldogs, we have been breeding the finest English Bulldogs in Oklahoma for the past three decades. It’s important that you get your puppy from a quality breeder with experience in raising healthy bulldogs. Contact us at 405-329-0066!


English Bulldogs Make for Great Family Pets

English Bulldog face

Many families who are looking to get a dog for the whole family want to make sure the dog is going to be another member of the group. If you’re a family with young kids, an English Bulldog is the perfect dog for you!

Here is why:

Friendly and Loving Towards Humans

English Bulldogs are known for being very friendly and welcoming towards children, family members, and other people that may come into contact with them. They are extremely affectionate and gentle with the whole family, and they are incredible kid friendly dogs. They are actively looking for human attention and act as watch dogs to guard your castle.

They are loyal to their family and very protective once adopted as a member. They form long-lasting relationships and bonds with the ones they trust and love, which ultimately makes them amazing pets for families.

They also tend to get along with other family pets, so you might as well get two cute English Bulldogs to roam the castle grounds!

The Living Situation

English Bulldogs are adaptable to any environment they are in considering their small build. They also make fine apartment dogs where they can curl up on a small chair or on the end of the couch. They do well in moderate temperature climates, so air conditioning is perfect for them in the summer, and a comfortable heated place for the winters.

They don’t require too much exercise, but slow evening strolls around the block are perfect. Moderate exercise will help them stay active and happy. The moderate temperatures are perfect for them to walk around the block.

Cedar Lane Bulldogs

Over the course of the past three decades, Cedar Lane Bulldogs has earned a reputation as one the finest, most well-respected English bulldog breeders in Oklahoma. Give us a call at (405) 329-0066 to learn more about our dogs today!

Always get your puppy from a quality breeder that has years in raising the Bulldog (health and confirmation) are the most important things.



How to Help Your English Bulldog Puppy During the Teething Phase

Bulldog With Chew ToyThere’s no feeling more joyful than bringing home your English bulldog puppy. The first few weeks are all cuteness and cuddles—and then comes teething. Puppy teething usually begins when a puppy is three to four months old, and lasts about two to three months. During the teething phase, your puppy’s gums may become red, swollen and irritated, leading them to chew on everything in sight in search of relief. Fortunately, there are ways you can help. Here’s how:

Use Chew Toys

Redirect your English bulldog puppy’s chewing urges so that they chew designated toys instead of your furniture, carpets and clothing. Look for toys that are made of hard rubber and/or toys that can be filled with dog biscuits or peanut butter. However, don’t give the puppy too many chew toys at once, or they may think they can chew on anything indiscriminately.

Play Tug of War

A tug-of-war toy such as a sturdy rope can give your puppy something to chew on while also offering an opportunity to bond with their human companions.

Try Cold Chews

Chewing on something cold can help relieve your puppy’s discomfort during teething. You can buy a specially-made cold chew toy, freeze a wet rag or even give them frozen carrots for them to chew on.

Now that you know more about how to relieve your puppy’s discomfort during the teething phase, it’s time to meet your new best friend! Over the course of the past three decades, Cedar Lane Bulldogs has earned a reputation as one the finest, most well-respected English bulldog breeders in Oklahoma. Give us a call at (405) 329-0066 to learn more about our dogs today!

Why English Bulldogs Are Ideal for Apartments

Think dog ownership isn’t for you because you live in an apartment? Think again! English bulldogs are great companions for apartment dwellers. Here’s why:

They Like to Relax

English bulldogs aren’t known for being an especially active breed, so they can live comfortably in relatively small spaces where there’s not much room to run around. More often that not, your pup will just want to lounge around with you and relax. Just be sure to give your English bulldog some light exercise on a regular basis to keep their weight in check.

They Rarely Bark

Worried your pet will aggravate the neighbors with constant barking? That’s not a concern with most English bulldogs. They rarely bark and are known for their gentle dispositions.

They’re Short

English bulldogs of both genders typically grow to a height of just 12 to 15 inches—another reason why they’re a great choice for apartment residents. While they’re solid and compact, most English bulldogs fit within the 50-pound weight limit imposed by many landlords.

They’re Obedient

English bulldogs are eager to please their owners. With proper training, they’ll happily obey your commands, making for a harmonious living arrangement in your apartment.

If you live in an apartment and want to bring home an English bulldog of your own, visit Cedar Lane Bulldogs, one the most reputable English bulldog breeders in Oklahoma. Just give us a call at (405) 329-0066 today to learn more!

How Did the English Bulldog Become the Marine Corps Mascot?

Marine Corps MascotIf you love bulldogs as much as we do, you probably already know that the mascot of the U.S. Marine Corps is an English bulldog named Chesty. How much do you know about this time-honored tradition? Here’s how the English bulldog became the Marine Corps mascot:

All over the world, bulldogs are recognized as symbols of courage.

During World War I, the Marines fought with so much bravery and ferocity in the battle of Belleau Wood that their German adversaries reportedly called them teufel hunden, after the “devil dogs” found in Bavarian folklore. The nickname stuck even after the war.

A recruitment poster for the Marines prominently featured a bulldog wearing a United States helmet, chasing a dachshund in a German helmet. Thanks to the poster and the German nickname for the Corps, the bulldog soon became the mascot of the Marine Corps.

In 1922, Jiggs, the first official Marine Corps bulldog, joined the ranks. When he passed, four years later, he was buried in a ceremony with full military honors. The tradition of naming Marine Corps mascot bulldogs Chesty began in 1957, when the marine’s new mascot was named after Lt. General Lewis “Chesty” Puller. Today, Chesty XV has the honor of mascot service.

In truth, there’s simply no better breed to represent the Marine Corps than the loyal, tenacious bulldog. When you bring home an English bulldog of your own, you’ll soon discover the unique traits that have made this breed such a beloved figure among our nation’s servicemen. To learn more about our bulldog puppies, feel free to give us a call at (405) 329-0066 today!