Should I Let My Bulldog Sit on Furniture?

Bulldog sitting on floor

When someone gets a new dog, the big question everyone asks themselves is whether or not they should let them lay or sit on the furniture in the house. This usually is pretty much the owner’s decision because there isn’t a wrong answer. Some dog owners prefer not to have their dog on the furniture due to shedding, but others don’t mind having the dog make themselves comfortable even if they have to clean up more frequently.

The Benefits of Having an English Bulldog

If you’re contemplating the idea of allowing your English Bulldog to claim the couch or other furniture, it’s good to know that they don’t shed that much. If you’re concerned about getting the furniture all dirty and scuffed up, you may not have to worry as much with English Bulldogs.

Setting Some Furniture Boundaries

There is also another way you can allow your English Bulldog on the furniture. Setting up designated spots for your English Bulldog is a great way to loosen up on your rules, as well as allow them to be comfortable on a piece of furniture. Set up a comfy chair for your Bulldog to enjoy while you’re lounging on the couch. Even if they do shed a little, you’ll only have to clean that one chair.

Train Your English Bulldog

Training your English Bulldog with certain commands to claim their chair or stay off the other furniture is a very important aspect to getting a dog. If you’re worried about this situation or habit coming up with sitting on furniture, simple commands may help them understand what’s theirs and what is yours.

English Bulldogs are some of the most obedient and loyal dogs on the planet. We have no doubt you’ll be able to train them easily without any fuss. If you’re looking for the perfect dog for your family, contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today or visit us online for more information!