Top 5 Benefits of English Bulldogs

English Bulldog laying on floor

If you have been looking around for the perfect dog for your family, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right breed or mix of dog. Many families resort to the popular Labradors or Golden Retrievers, but what about English Bulldogs? English Bulldogs are some of the most amazing family dogs you can have, and here is why.

They Adapt Well to Home Environments

English Bulldogs have the ability to adapt to many home environments. Whether you live in a smaller apartment, or you own a home, an English Bulldog will make themselves at home. If you’re a new, inexperienced dog owner, an English Bulldog is the perfect puppy to take home. They are friendly and willing to adapt to new people.

Low Maintenance Dogs

English Bulldogs are relatively low maintenance dogs. They require minimal brushing due to their minimal shedding. They also require baths every now and then. You want to make sure you don’t bathe them too often, so you don’t cause any destruction to natural oils on their body. They can be high energy dogs, but they don’t require as much exercise as a larger dog would like a Labrador retriever does.

Friendly to Children and Playful

One of the best character traits of English Bulldogs is they are very loving and friendly to children. They love to play, and they are very gentle dogs. For new families, an English Bulldog can be a great addition to the family for your children to grow up with.

Reserved, Yet Social

English Bulldogs have good temperaments. They usually are laid back and reserved, and they rarely bark. They will only be aggressive or energetic if provoked. Unlike other dogs who can get riled up, English Bulldogs are quiet and peaceful dogs.

Loyal Dogs

They are one of the most loyal dog breeds you can find. They will not only be a great guard dog for you, but they will always stand by your side. They’re usually not aggressive, but they can be when they are provoked. For a family, they’re perfect.

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