How to Help Your English Bulldog Puppy During the Teething Phase

Bulldog With Chew ToyThere’s no feeling more joyful than bringing home your English bulldog puppy. The first few weeks are all cuteness and cuddles—and then comes teething. Puppy teething usually begins when a puppy is three to four months old, and lasts about two to three months. During the teething phase, your puppy’s gums may become red, swollen and irritated, leading them to chew on everything in sight in search of relief. Fortunately, there are ways you can help. Here’s how:

Use Chew Toys

Redirect your English bulldog puppy’s chewing urges so that they chew designated toys instead of your furniture, carpets and clothing. Look for toys that are made of hard rubber and/or toys that can be filled with dog biscuits or peanut butter. However, don’t give the puppy too many chew toys at once, or they may think they can chew on anything indiscriminately.

Play Tug of War

A tug-of-war toy such as a sturdy rope can give your puppy something to chew on while also offering an opportunity to bond with their human companions.

Try Cold Chews

Chewing on something cold can help relieve your puppy’s discomfort during teething. You can buy a specially-made cold chew toy, freeze a wet rag or even give them frozen carrots for them to chew on.

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