Interesting Facts About English Bulldogs

English Bulldog from Cedar Lane Bulldogs

English Bulldogs make amazing pets, especially for families and young professionals. They don’t require a big yard and a ton of space to roam. They live well in apartments and they are great with kids. They break Guinness World Records by skateboarding, and they take the Georgia Bulldogs mascot to the next level.

Here are some interesting facts about English Bulldogs you may not have known:

Bull Baiting

Originally, bulldogs were bread for bullfighting or bullbaiting. This was a blood sport that involved pitting a bull against another animal. In this case, it was the bulldog. The bulldog would harass the tethered bull and pounce on their nose when the time was right. This resulted in many deaths, and eventually the sport was banned in 1835.

Their aggressive behavior disappeared long ago after the sport was made illegal. Now, bulldogs are known for their loyal and lovable behavior among celebrities and families.

Famous in Different Ways

The University of Georgia’s official mascot is the bulldog hence the name Georgia Bulldogs. How did it start? In 1956, Sonny Seiler brought his bulldog to the Georgia home opener and after that, he was suggested to become the official mascot. Uga is the line of bulldogs that holds the mascot. When one dies, they are buried at a grave site near the football stadium.

Otto is a skateboarding bulldog famous for his Guinness World record after the former record holder Tillman passed away in 2015. Otto skateboarded through a tunnel of 30 people’s legs.

They Make for Great Pets

There are many reasons that English Bulldogs make for great pets. First, they are extremely loyal and lovable to their owners. They don’t mess around, and they just want some love and affection.

They are adaptable in living situations:

For families in homes with yards, they are extremely adaptable. They don’t need to have a large quantity of acres to roam because they are smaller and bulkier. They like to run, but they also get tired quickly. They love being around kids and adults. For young professionals living in apartments, they are perfect. They can curl up on a recliner and relax with you after a long day of work. They also don’t bark, which means they will be well-behaved if you live in a complex.

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