English Bulldogs Make for Great Family Pets

English Bulldog face

Many families who are looking to get a dog for the whole family want to make sure the dog is going to be another member of the group. If you’re a family with young kids, an English Bulldog is the perfect dog for you!

Here is why:

Friendly and Loving Towards Humans

English Bulldogs are known for being very friendly and welcoming towards children, family members, and other people that may come into contact with them. They are extremely affectionate and gentle with the whole family, and they are incredible kid friendly dogs. They are actively looking for human attention and act as watch dogs to guard your castle.

They are loyal to their family and very protective once adopted as a member. They form long-lasting relationships and bonds with the ones they trust and love, which ultimately makes them amazing pets for families.

They also tend to get along with other family pets, so you might as well get two cute English Bulldogs to roam the castle grounds!

The Living Situation

English Bulldogs are adaptable to any environment they are in considering their small build. They also make fine apartment dogs where they can curl up on a small chair or on the end of the couch. They do well in moderate temperature climates, so air conditioning is perfect for them in the summer, and a comfortable heated place for the winters.

They don’t require too much exercise, but slow evening strolls around the block are perfect. Moderate exercise will help them stay active and happy. The moderate temperatures are perfect for them to walk around the block.

Cedar Lane Bulldogs

Over the course of the past three decades, Cedar Lane Bulldogs has earned a reputation as one the finest, most well-respected English bulldog breeders in Oklahoma. Give us a call at (405) 329-0066 to learn more about our dogs today!

Always get your puppy from a quality breeder that has years in raising the Bulldog (health and confirmation) are the most important things.