Traveling Tips for Your English Bulldog

Taking road trips in the car to vacation is much needed right now. If you have an English Bulldog, and you’re looking to take them with on the trip, we can give you some tips on how to make the car ride much easier and comfortable for you and your dog.

Here are 4 tips on how to travel in the car with your English Bulldog:

Bring Chew Toys & Treats

Even if you were going on a road trip with a couple friends, you would bring some games and snacks to not get bored. With your English Bulldog, bringing treats and chew toys will help to occupy them for some time if it’s going to be a long drive with multiple stops along the way.

Bathroom Breaks and Stops

You need to make sure you’re planning for multiple bathroom breaks and stops along your road trip. Take the time to map out some places along your route where you can take your dog out to go to the bathroom and get a few minutes of walking time. This will help to move the trip along much smoother.

Bring Water & Don’t Feed Too Much

Some dogs can get car sick, so it’s important to feed them light meals and not give them too many treats during the trip. It’s never a fun time if you or your dog gets car sick. Bring water so they can have some on the ride, but don’t give them too much food or water if they do end up getting car sick.

Reward Them in the End

Sitting in a moving car for a road trip can get old after a while and uncomfortable. When you’re done with the long ride, it’s important to reward yourself and your dog for the ride. Make sure you let your English Bulldog know how good they are and give them a reward after the long drive.

English Bulldogs are great dogs to bring on a long drive. They are comfortable in smaller environments, so the car won’t be uncomfortable for them. Take the time this summer to drive around with your English Bulldog to get them used to the longer rides if you plan on taking a road trip.

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