What to Do If Your English Bulldog Gets Car Sick

English Bulldog riding in car on road trip

Unfortunately, English Bulldogs can experience car sickness, especially on a long drive or road trip. This can be scary for the owner if you experience it for the first time. English Bulldogs are known to be energetic, yet relaxed dogs with loving and playful traits. When this happens, some owners can get a little anxious. There is no need to panic. English Bulldogs are actually prone to get car sick at times.

How Does this Happen?

The brachycephalic nature of some dogs tends to be the reason for the car sickness. They overheat easily, have trouble breathing, and can’t easily reach the window to get fresh air, all of which lead to more nausea and car sickness than some other dog breeds.

English Bulldogs, if taking car rides for the first time can sometimes get anxious and nervous about it. They can get too hot and overheated. Since they’re small dogs, it’s tough for them to reach the height of the window for a breather and fresh air. All of these things can heighten the possibility of them getting car sick. It’s very important to make sure they’re comfortable.

Signs of Car Sickness with Your English Bulldog:

  • Vomiting
  • Pacing back and forth
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Heavier panting and licking
  • More lethargic and inactive

How to Prevent Car Sickness with English Bulldogs

One of the best ways to prevent them from getting car sick on long car rides is to train them. You have to ease them into being comfortable with car rides, so it’s important to start them off with very short rides more frequently. This is the first step. Make sure to not feed them before a long trip because a full stomach will increase their nausea. However, do not limit them with water. They need drink as much as they want, so they can stay hydrated in the vehicle.

Other important preventative measures:

  • Bring a new dog toy on the trip for them
  • Bring something from home for the scent
  • Keep your car comfortable and cooler
  • Stop frequently for bathroom and short walk breaks

These are good ways to help prevent your English Bulldog from getting car sick on a long road trip. If you’re interested in learning more English Bulldog tips and tricks, or you’re looking to bring an English Bulldog puppy home, contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-550-4339 today or visit us online for more information!