Here are Some Grooming Tips for Your English Bulldog

English Bulldog Puppy laying on chair

Every dog has different grooming needs, and it’s extremely important for those needs to be met. Bulldogs are gentle and loving dogs that need some grooming on a regular basis for them to stay happy and healthy.

Here are some helpful tips to make it easier for when it comes to grooming your bulldog:

Bathing Your Bulldog

The wrinkles on your Bulldog can be a home for bacteria to grow, which means bathing has to be thorough. You do not need to bathe your Bulldog every day. It’s recommended to bathe your dog every now and then when they’re visibly dirty, or they smell. You should check their wrinkles every week just to be sure there’s no build-up.

Brushing Your Bulldog’s Coat

It’s important to brush your Bulldog on a daily basis to prevent matting and lumping fur. Bulldogs have sensitive skin, so you should be gentle when brushing their short-haired coat. They can lose a good amount of their hair when brushing them, so you may want to take them outside. A soft-bristled brush is recommended instead of a hard metal brush. The benefit of having a Bulldog is that they don’t require their hair to be cut too often.

Trimming Nails and Brushing Teeth

Bulldogs need proper hygiene just like the rest of the family members in your home. When your Bulldog’s nails grow long, they can be susceptible to breakage and bone and joint injuries in the future. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming your Bulldog’s nails, you’re encouraged to take them to a professional groomer.

Brushing your dog’s teeth often is vital to their health and hygiene. At least three times per week you should be cleaning their teeth to prevent periodontal diseases. Along with brushing, it’s important to give your dog crunchy treats to strengthen their gums and teeth. Never use human toothpaste! It can be dangerous, so we recommend investing in dog toothpaste.

Caring for your Bulldog is immensely important, and it will benefit your dog’s health in the long run. Bulldog’s are incredibly loving and friendly, especially when you have them as one of the family members. If you’re looking to learn more about Bulldog’s and potentially owning one, contact Cedar Lane Bulldogs at 405-329-0066 today!